Changing pet colours is now possible, with our new Paintbrush item! Read more about Colour by Carrie here.

 New hybrids are now possible--two new ferrets. Their parents are currently in the strays as ultra rares for a very limited time! Also check out new Aboriginal Dragonellas in the Wheel of Missoulou.

Xanje Volunteer Consent Terms

The following terms apply only to Xanje members who have been specially selected to perform volunteer roles. 

You have been selected to become (or already are) a Xanje Volunteer. Although your role may be referred to as "staff" throughout the site, you are still a player on Xanje, and your role is strictly voluntary. What does this mean?

By agreeing to work on a volunteer basis, you agree that you will not be paid any wages now, nor in the future. Your participation is completely optional and at-will, and is simply a way to assist our community. Consider your volunteer role a very exclusive part of the Xanje game that you have earned the right to access.

While acting as a Xanje Volunteer on the site, you may be given access to special tools, such as those within the "Backstage" area. You must continue to follow the Xanje Values and Terms of Use, as well as any special terms, guidelines, or rules which accompany the volunteer tools. Any misuse of tools or misconduct on your behalf is purely your own and not that of Xanje's. Your elevated status does not permit you to act on behalf of Xanje LLC.

Certain participation may earn you in-game rewards, however this should not be confused with a wage. Xanje is not your employer. You are not legally bound to Xanje. You should not treat your role at Xanje as a job. You are not expected to spend more time on Xanje than you would have previously to perform volunteer duties.

If you wish to stop performing your special role as a Xanje Volunteer, you may do so at any time with or without prior notice. We do ask that you alert an administrator when you wish to discontinue your role. Misuse of your elevated privileges may lead to a complete ban of your access to Xanje (both current and future).

If you do not agree to any part of this consent form, you are not permitted to continue performing any volunteer role for Xanje. Declining to agree to this form will not affect your ability to access regular features of Xanje.

If you are a Xanje Volunteer, please contact an administrator to record your consent to these terms if you have not done so already.