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Pet ID 1998860 Active
Owner Niles
Species Firedrake
Type Carnival
Born 2 years ago
Sex Female Generation 1
Personality Nervous
Litter Due November 12th, 2018 11:46:28 PM
Level 37 Final Form
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 4,111
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Firedrake Info
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Encyclopedia entry: This Carnival Dragon, named for its festive pattern, is a powerful and fast flyer. It spends most of its time soaring through the air at high altitudes, searching for prey below. It is one of the smaller, faster dragons in the firedrake family and can dive at almost supersonic speed to catch prey below. It can catch fish and other waterbound animals as well as those on land or even in the air. It resides in a large territory with its mate, and together they rear one offspring at a time. When the young dragon is at the right age and strength, the parents bring it to a high cliff overlooking deep water, such as the ocean, and encourage it to spread its wings and catch the updrafts, flying for the first time.  

As adults, firedrakes possess incredible powers, such as their fiery breath, telepathy, and ability to teleport. Their blood is sought after for its magical properties, including the ability to lend other objects or creatures temporary resistance to extreme heat. Their hide retains almost complete immunity to fire, and they are thus also hunted for this.

The Carnival Dragon, named for its festive carnival-like patterning, is a native to the planet Missoulou. These medium-small dragons live in caves or alcoves up high on clifftops, where they live and raise their young in safety. Each pair will claim and defend a territory from others of its kind. They spend most of their time soaring through the sky searching for prey, which they catch by diving at it and using their claws, teeth, and/or fire breath.

Firedrakes are a family of dragon species known for their fire-breathing abilities and immunity to fire, although they can be defeated through the use of other elements. Carnival dragons reach an adult size of around 20 to 35 feet from nose to tailtip and a wingspan of about 35 to 45 feet. As such they are one of the smaller species in this family, but a bit larger than the spotted firedrake. As per most dragon species and all firedrake species, the female grows larger than the male, and this helps each pair of mates to avoid competing with each other by hunting different types of prey. They raise one baby at a time, and when the offspring reaches nearly adult size it will usually leave at that point to find its own mate and home. Sometimes, especially if new territories are not available, an offspring will remain home to help its parents rear a younger sibling.

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