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Pet ID 9827529 Active
Owner Invicta
Species Kerfuzzle
Type Skittering
Born 1 week ago
Sex Male Generation 1
Personality Assertive
Level 5 Final Form
To Next Lvl 10 XP Total XP 86
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Kerfuzzle Info
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Encyclopedia entry: The Kerfuzzle is a small creature that eats seeds and lives in small burrows that it digs with its small but strong paws. It lives in many places throughout not only Peterra, but also Missoulou and Indulain, and comes in many different species and subspecies. Several of these species have been domesticated and are often kept as pets. Its soft, fluffy fur is one of the finest quality coats found in any animal. Despite its cute appearance, it can actually deliver a nasty bite, and will fight viciously if cornered.

The Skittering Kerfuzzle gets its name from its scurry-like movement patterns that it often uses when it senses danger. This Kerfuzzle, one of the smaller species in this family, constructs a hidden nest for itself and stores food there that it can live off of for long periods.  This enables it to hole up for periods of time when food is scarce, in its native world of Colothys.